Speaking to a gambling counsellor is another way for you to get support whether you are concerned about your gambling or another’s. 

People can have many reasons to talk to a gambling counsellor:

  • to feel better, happier, healthier.
  • to explore and manage urges.
  • to look at what is important in their lives and reassess their priorities.
  • to improve or repair a relationship.

We support people to figure out their goals and ways to achieve them. We provide a range of helpful resources and information, including face-to-face counselling, telephone counselling, online support, self-help workbooks and education material, support groups, self-exclusion and external referrals.  

At ACT Gambling Support Service we provide free and confidential resources for you or someone you know affected by gambling harm  

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Talking to someone who has a lot of experience in how to manage gambling harm can help you feel clearer about the options available.

We provide free and confidential support in a number of ways.

We listen without judgement and/or unrealistic expectations.

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